Lost weight!

This is probably the most exciting thing, I have lost weight and all I am really doing is adding exercise into my daily life everyday. It sounds so simple but I am a girl that has spent her entire life dieting. Even when I was young and not fat, I always thought I was and needed to be suffering. I am so unbelievably proud of myself and feeling really great!!

I am going to start trying to blog everyday to help organize everything that I want to accomplish during this time off from all my “adult” responsibilities. It really is such an amazing gift. Cleaning house is on the bill today, and if I dance while doing it I count that as exercise!! And more sewing.

This year I want to also commit to sliming down our wallet. The budget is really scary actually, it is amazing how much money I spend on a weekly basis. We started using MINT.COM and it is really cool for those people like me that get overwhelmed quickly when talking about numbers and statistics.

Hopefully the husband will hook up the DDR tonight and we can use that as an exercising tool too. I do love to dance, I am a whale and look horrible doing it but I am on my way to looking like a hmmmm, are dolphins slender? Well, I will look like a slender but strong animal still looking horrible dancing!!

7 Pounds down … many more to go.