The holiday season is most difficult for the majority of people, not me. The husband and I are so busy traveling around that I will often not gain weight. The season that is the worst for my weight gain is FEBRUARY! Between my birthday “week” which included a delicious homemade “gluten free” ice cream cake to Chick-fil-a milkshake(s) I am glad to be back below the dreaded 70 mark. Last week I was closer to my original weight … ahhhh!!

(This is our dog Sam at his birthday party.)

But today is a sign that I am sticking to this whole “getting healthy” thing. I have decided to become a stronger vegetarian, which can only help help. Last night we made a Veggie Shepherd’s Pie, I don’t think husband or myself had eaten so many veggies in one sitting. What is that … oh my heart says thank you.