Down a couple.

Things are going well! The weight will follow so I am not going to be to down about that, this week anyway. The past two weeks have been death … my Guatemalan parasite made a return along with my monthly female friend. I can not describe the feeling to wake up this morning and actually feel like getting out of bed. What a feeling that is taken for granted!

Closet organizing and bedroom redecorating is filling my head this week. I am thinking since husband and myself are getting ready for a new and “exciting” year, our bedroom could use some changes. Not buying all that much (I am not so secretly wanting an armchair) but rearranging and just a general purge of things not needed. It is actually so freeing. We donated 4 LARGE black trash bags of mostly clothes and our closet is not empty, just cleaner. It is a breath of fresh air that is a necessity after feeling so awful for close to 14 days.

We are getting back on track with eating healthy … tonight’s menu includes a Roasted Veggie Smothered Baked Potato and a Minestrone Soup. Nothing but vegetarian, gluten-free goodness! Especially on this wet and cold day!!

Oh and don’t you forget to mark calendars, it thundered today which means SNOW in 10 days!!