Other loves.

So I am sad, not anything to do with my weight, I am sick and have been sick for about a week. Maybe a visit to the doctor isn’t out of the question. Having my monthly visitor and being sick is a double unhappiness that is my reality today.

I will share what made me so unbelievably happy this weekend in hopes to lift my spirits. The husband had Monday off so having him home three days was a complete blessing. We went thrifting and I have a new love for 1950′s Pyrex tableware. Something about the patterns mixed with the vintage makes my heart pitter-patter.

And this is not just any Pyrex bowl, no – this is my new favorite Pyrex bowl. I don’t technically have this one in my hands, currently bidding. But I adore this pattern so very much. It’s the Balloons pattern from spring of 1958. And why do I know this? Because that’s what procrastinating in front of the computer will do to you. Lead you to a website like this (www.pyrexlove.com) where you can easily spend away an entire afternoon! But I am sick so I will not fret too much!

And I am finding ideas that I want to do with all of my fabric in my craft room. This may be my attempt to ask for husband’s help.

Wow, I do feel better already. (Except for the unpleasantness that is still existent)