April Showers .. early?!?!

These pictures represent our weekend and were taken today, so the weekend rain has now crept into the week. WET! (and cold) Normally, I don’t mind the cold but rainy and cold is a dreadful mix!

Sam bringing me the most deliciously disgusting treasure to him.

“I know it is rainy and gross, but it can be fun too!” – Sam

It is quite ridiculous how much I love this dog. Admit it, he is cuter than most children!

This weekend did give me the opportunity to spend a copious amount of time in the kitchen practicing the art of dried beans. I should take a picture of my refrigerator with all the stock piles of soaking, cooked but not seasoned, and seasoned beans. My first bean story goes a little something like this …

Dried black beans. Did not read instructions, they are beans for heaven’s sake! Poured entire bag into container with about an inch of extra water, if that! Let “soak” for a week. Everyday checked the beans to see if they were tender. Alas, not tender and after ruining a dish of nachos (I thought cooking for 10 mins in the oven would make them tender) I threw them out. Lets review, I am clearly not the wiz in the kitchen that I thought I was and must always read the instructions.

Have no fear, I read the instructions over and over and now have “tender” beans. I will post later what all the ways we are going to cook with them.

Oh and an update to the craft room. The pictures from the previous post are still relevant. :( This week is going to be the week! (Hopefully)