Baby Blocks Finished .. Up Next Craft Room

First, I want to thank everyone that has been taking a look over at my blog. I often spend time each morning (and night) looking at blogs that inspire me to make things with my hands rather than going to buy. I can not express how it makes me feel to imagine that what I am writing and doing can have the same impact on you. So thank you. Big HUGS all around!!

I wanted to share a couple of baby blocks that I made for some little cousins I have running around. The “JAMES” blocks were a 1st birthday gift. This picture makes me want to give up all this schooling and start a little crew of my own!

and for the girl baby cousins … (both had LONG names so I opted for a more simply approach!)

Next up .. organizing my craft room! I have included “BEFORE” pictures. If anyone has any ideas or great tips to share … please I welcome all! The husband and I went to look at a potential graduate school yesterday. That realization that I am not going to be home everyday is slowly beginning to hit me. I can’t possibly start school this summer without organizing my craft room … this has been moved to the fast track of things to get done.

(above) the treadmill that i would like to start using again

(below) the corner that ideally you could reach without stepping all over stuff

Now it is time to get to organizing!! I have to admit finding a place for my painting, knitting, and sewing is a bit exciting. Again, any tips to pass my way I would greatly appreciate!!

Oh, with all the crafting news going on I feel I must say that I have lost 3 more pounds. Bringing my total lost to 8 … hmmm doesn’t sound like much but I am excited. For example, yesterday I was feeling kinda crummy and didn’t really want to go for a walk with husband and the dog. BUT I DID! I just have to keep believing that the weight will come off if I continue to make choices like that one.