Numbers, Numbers, EVERYWHERE!

The title spells how I am feeling today … completely overwhelmed by NUMBERS! My weight … a number, my temperature EVERY morning at 6am … a number, the number of gifts I must get done before Friday, the number of hours I have until our vacation (well that is a good one!), and did I mention my weight … right, I did.

So with all this I decided to focus on the things that have nothing to do with numbers and capture what made me smile so very much today. My boys (Milo and Sam) in my craft room not so much helping, but in their way helping because they were quiet and sleeping while mommy worked diligently against the minutes ticking by on Christmas presents to be delivered this weekend.

(Yes, Christmas presents. That is in itself its own entry about how I think I can do so much more than I actually can.)

Please smile with me as Milo is worn out by all the stitching and un-stitching of my machine.