Graduate School Decision

I am so unbelievably proud and excited and a bit of nervous to announce that I have made my decision for graduate school. (Enter drum roll) I am officially EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY bound!!

This was an extremely tough decision for several reasons and in some ways it was made easy. In the end I had to choose the best option for me and what I want to do with my career, to be a clinician.

My first acceptance letter came from UNC-Greensboro. A brand new program that I didn’t know a lot about, but had heard good things. What made it hard to say no was my family that lives in Greensboro that I could have been close to. For weeks I tried to sign the “decline” letter to send back and just couldn’t. The thought of cooking dinners for my grandfather, lunches and dinners with parents, and living with my granny was too idealistic for me to decline. But yesterday I had clarity and realized that all of the reasons I wanted to go to UNC-Greensboro had nothing to do with school or my “value” of education but it was my family. (Apparently, I miss them more than I thought!)

My second acceptance letter came from ECU, my winning choice, I was over the moon excited and the husband and I picked up the next week and went to visit the campus. We met with the MSW Coordinator and another faculty member (she will be my Psychopathology professor this summer, how exciting is that!?) and not only did they answer any and every question we had but they then spent the next hour or so showing us around campus. I could not believe the amount of time spent with us and really had an amazing experience. The down side to ECU was simple, I would have to live in away from husband, cat and dog for 3-4 nights for the summer. Major bummer!

So my decision came in the mail yesterday when I got two letters from UNC-Chapel Hill. It is a 50/50 success story. I was not accepted (I hate rejection!) to the Advanced Standing program, for which I was applying. I was accepted into the 2-year program. Again, 50/50. I was, of course, disappointed and sad, but I realized that I was disappointed and sad because I knew I would not be at home this summer. Once I realized why I was upset, I felt content with what decision I needed to make. At the end of the day the husband and I both knew that if UNC-Chapel Hill and ECU were logistically the same, I would pick ECU hands down. AND the flip side to that is if I had gotten into the program I wanted at UNC-Chapel Hill, I would have turned down ECU. Hey, you can’t blame the girl for liking to be around the husband, cat and dog.

So there it is folks! I am going to be a Pirate for the next year! The faculty has already told the husband to expect not to see me for the next year, so I assume that applies to family and friends too. I am so excited about this next (and LAST) chapter of my career as a student. It has been a long road, one that I never would have dreamed would end with me in grad school. This is apparently what happens when you have amazing support like I do. (Enter loud shout out to husband)