Home from Chicago

It is weird how 4 days can feel like it flew by so quickly and at the same time feel like such a longer amount of time. I came home and felt like I had been gone a week or even more. And it is weird, I don’t remember wearing so many clothes but have six loads of laundry piled on my bed waiting to be folded. Hmmm maybe this is a lesson to do all laundry before leaving for a trip … ahh with my procrastination again.

My Chicago trip was amazing and perfect for what I needed before starting Graduate school in May. I met up with three girls that I met in Guatemala last summer. Facebook should take all the credit for keeping us in touch, honestly I am horrible at staying in touch with people. So what started as a dream in Panajachel, we had to conjure up thoughts of fun times in the future where we were clean and there was electricity to remain sane, turned into a girls weekend in Chicago!

We stayed with one of the girls father in the city, his building was next door to the building where Oprah lives. How exciting! I kept thinking I would bump into her at the corner grocery store or walking around the lake, but no luck. The apartment was amazing, even with my slight fear of being in tall buildings. We were on the 19th floor of about 60!!

I will let my pictures share the rest. Highlights were obviously spending time with my girls, but eating at the West Egg Cafe, which I HIGHLY recommend. It was amazing how many ways they could serve eggs. The aquarium was amazing!! They have a dolphin show and beluga whales, need I say more. Wrigley Field is historic. The atmosphere in Wrigleyville must be experienced if you are a baseball fan, and probably if you aren’t. Side note, the girls are moving into an apartment 1 block away from Wrigley field for grad school … jealous, maybe a bit! Navy Pier ferris wheel at night is also a must if you are ever in Chicago. I had a blast and want to give a huge SHOUT OUT to my hosts for the weekend. I love you girls!

Yes, we know where Guatemala is.

The four of us after the game.

Now back to business. I am going to be working on Mother’s and Father’s day gifts. I am resisting the urge to procrastinate because I know I won’t be able to “make” gifts this summer. Well, I guess I am still procrastinating laundry.