Lessons learned on the path of cleaning my craft room.

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in over a week. When I last posted I was contemplating putting off cleaning the craft room one more day, in other words continuing to master the art of procrastination. I am sure husband would argue that I have already mastered that skill!

I have learned many lessons during this past week and I thought I would share, along with pictures of my FINISHED craft room!! (Yes, I can actually hear rejoicing in the streets!)

1. Don’t put off what you can do today, for tomorrow. Now I can hear the echo of my fathers voice as I am trying to put off doing homework just one more day. Every morning I would put off cleaning this room, see picture below. I would find other things to do, but I wasn’t fulfilled because I am happiest creating things in this room. (Note, in case of confusion, this is not the cleaned room!)

2. I have learned to cut my parents some slack. I think this is a combination of my own older age and realizing that they come from parents of their own. Part of why I have been so busy this past week is due to assisting my dad’s family with my grandfather. He is transitioning into a safer environment and subsequently has had his car taken away. A lot of changes and to be honest, the more time I spent with my grandfather, and grandmother, the more I realize where my father came from all those years I was pissed off for being grounded.

3. Save my money. It is so hard, especially when the seasons are changing and new lines of clothes are out. I swear every Spring I open my closet doors and feel like I have no colors!! After this week, I am learning that saving money for retirement may be the best thing the husband and I can do for ourselves and most importantly our children. (Note for future grandparents, we are not pregnant! I know references of “our children” immediately put smiles of faces so I wanted to clarify.)

4. I LOVE old things. This passion was developing in my previous post about 1950′s Pyrex dishes. I will have to update with a picture of my newest acquisition, the balloon bowl that is proudly displayed on the kitchen table. My love has grown as I was looking for a piece of furniture for my craft room. I needed extra storage and just couldn’t be happy to go up to Target for a bookshelf or cabinet. I turned my sights to CraigsList, oh how I love it!! After a couple of weeks searching, I found a Kitchen Queen cabinet from the 1920′s, mostly coined “Hoosier Cabinets.” The husband laughed and said it is horrible, but I laughed and giggled a bit with excitement because I absolutely love it! One day I will refinish it, but there is something so unique and special about the form it is now.

5. Don’t move furniture while alone and barefoot. I am pretty sure barefoot is the bigger problem but now I am banned from both. I will steer clear of the details, you are welcome, but the end result is a toe that must be cleaned and bandaged every few hours or so. Yep, lesson learned. I would like to express my gratitude to my mother at this point, for coming to town to not only help with the cleaning of the craft room, but bringing shoes that will not hurt my precious toe anymore. Oh, and I do love Chacos too. I know they are new but I do love them anyway.

6. I forgot how much I love to just sit in my craft room, look out my favorite window in the house, and create anything I want. I can sew, paint, draw, needlepoint, and basically it is where I can escape the realities that can sometimes be too stressful.

So without further ado … my new craft room!

I do love how I can now see the floor.

The morning light from this window makes me so happy, especially when it is open and the fresh breeze is blowing in.

My beautiful, craft closet. Before there was a filing cabinet, and now pure beauty.

My new, old Kitchen Queen.

My colorful artwork, via thrift store up the road. I love the colors.

The original Kitchen Queen label.

My aunt gave me an antique sewing drawer from a machine. It is perfect for my new cabinet. Along with some of my other favorite, treasures.