Our “NEW” Bedroom

So I have been procrastinating with the best this week. I have not touched my craft room .. I walk in, quickly become overwhelmed and then walk out to do something else. Yesterday I finished cleaning and redecorating out bedroom. We now have a photo wall, which I do love so very much. Each frame has a category (because I am organized like that) … one frame for husband, one frame for Milo, one frame for our favorite moments in our life pre and post wedding nuptials, one frame for us in our wedding regalia, one frame for our wedding and honeymoon favorites, one frame for Sam, and one frame for me. In my frame I chose my favorite pictures from my trip to Guatemala, which was life changing.

This is a picture of the quilt that my mother-in-law made for our wedding. I absolutely LOVE the fabrics and colors, she could not have given or made me anything that I would love more. Well, except for her son!

This is my reading corner. On this break I have probably read a book a week .. for fun! I have forgotten what it feels like to read for pleasure. I am getting ready to be sad that this new found love will be escaping me starting in May. (See previous entry)

Via ebay, Pottery Barn window coverings. I do love them so and the husband loved the price.

And maybe my favorite new addition, my elephant wall hanging above the bed. I found a piece just like this when I was in Guatemala and it evoked the same feeling when we found this one. I didn’t buy the piece in Guatemala because it was so heavy and I had to ride a “lancha” across the lake to my home. That didn’t seem like a good idea. So when husband found this at a ROSS (I know!) I almost jumped for joy. Well, I am pretty sure there was actual jumping.