Spring Skirt

I took a break yesterday from embroidery and Mother’s Day gifts to work on something for me. It is strange that I have never actually made anything for me. After Christmas gifts have all been handed out I always have the best intentions of making whatever the gift may be for myself but I never get around to it. So yesterday I was feeling so very inspired and decided I was going to make a spring skirt. Please know that I have never even attempted to make clothing, but Lisa over at Polka Dot Creations made a skirt seem so easy, I thought I should at least try!

For my skirt I used a twin-size flat sheet, scissors, sewing machine, thread to coordinate, iron, and 1/2″ elastic. The flat sheet was one that I had leftover from Christmas blankets that I found at a thrift store.

I first folded the flat sheet length ways to make the already hemmed edge my bottom. A wonderful time saver pointed out by Lisa. Then I measured how long I wanted the skirt. So math and I don’t get along. I made this skirt a bit, well a lot too short. Have no fear, I will show you how I fixed this hiccup.

I sewed the edges together to make a tube basically. Ironed and made an elastic casing. (Lisa goes into much more detail for a tutorial so go here if you want better instructions!)

It was soon after the elastic casing that I realized we were going to have a problem with the length. Before I realized my solution I thought I would go ahead and take pictures of the final project and maybe I could find someone shorter than I.

Sam was my project helper and decided he wanted to be acknowledged by being in the pictures I was trying to take. Apparently when he sees the camera he just knows it is to take pictures of him!

Then I move him over to the side and I get a paw in my lap. In my head he is saying, “Wow mom that is a really cute skirt but I think it may be too short. How about you let me have it to take in the backyard to play with it. Maybe some dirt on it would be just the thing.” Or, “Hey, why are you taking a picture of that when I am sitting right here.”

So I did figure out that I had matching fabric in my closet and I should just added a few inches to the bottom of the skirt. Voila!

And for the finale! I do love the colors so very much. I will wear this during our Mother’s Day events! (if not sooner!!)