With a little inspiration …

I am just thrilled to have run across the blogs that I have listed on the side of my page. These women (and a couple men) inspire me everyday to live more simply and to appreciate what I can make with my own two hands.

As you can see from the pictures of our dog Sam yesterday, we had quite the rainy miserable day, outside that is. Inside I did some cleaning (much needed), made some homemade (gluten-free, of course) cornbread for the husband and myself, and started and finished a project that is now hanging on a wall.

It all started with a little inspiration from Katie at Philigry. I gathered the supplies and used a picture frame that was not being used. Oh and I needed a bare wall … oh yes that one will do.

This bare wall is begging for something creative, cheap, with a touch of romantic to adorn it. You see this is the wall that goes into our bedroom .. wink wink.

The supplies are gathered. Strangely I have finished and my stack of heart cutouts looks the same. I think I got carried away with the different papers and my new fancy heart punch.

Carefully placing before I put the foam back on my little hearts.

Finished and beautifully placed on the wall. Thanks to the husband for all the leveling and hammering. AND thanks to Katie for the inspiration.