a new do

Graduate school is tough. I knew it was going to be. Everyone told me it was going to be. Enough with the complaining. I apologize. This space is my happy place, where I can just unload the happenings of my days. I was reading past posts and realized I didn’t like where my blog was heading. Enough with the pity party. This is an amazing experience and yes it is tough. Period.

More exciting news. This weekend I decided that I needed to make a change. I wanted to find someway to make my life a bit more simple. My long curly hair had to go. I treated myself to a Generations Spa (which was actually cheaper than where I used to go) hair do. I told Natalie that I wanted my hair as short as possible without shaving it. She laughed, but I explained that not shaving wasn’t completely assumed to not be an option. :) Please excuse the horrible pictures. It is the best I can do alone in my highlighter green/yellow room.

I am so happy because I am home from class. AND I am actually ahead in the reading. What an amazing feeling!!

Yes my desk/office area is in my closet. And yes, it looks like a Mexican Fiesta inside. I wanted to separate my work area from my sleep area. I have research saying to separate the two. There are two closets and I don’t even use either, so voila an office.

There you have it. A graduate student with a new attitude and a new do. What do you think?