Artsplosure 2008

Artsplosure is one of those annual events that I look forward to every single May. It reminds me of my first date with my husband and it is always just a wonderfully fun event held downtown. Our first date is a funny story in that by the time we got downtown the entire event was closing down. So sad! But luckily, seven years later, we have been able to find the times and actually make the event.

This year the children’s museum held a “Kids Rock” section. I was so jealous! I swear I get so excited about having children at these events so that I can participate in all the events that I can’t without kids. So they took kids and did their hair all “rock style” like. I loved how this kid covered his entire face too!

There was also this gigantic caterpillar that we saw walking around. I followed and got this shot of parents and children alike getting in and out. I thought this was so cool!

Next year we are definitely bringing Sam!! I loved that the city had water bowls out for the pups!!
There was fantastic music!! The Allen Brothers band was amazingly great!!

Right before we left we saw this painter painting the scene on the streets with the skyscrapers and everything!! It was really fun to watch!!

It was the perfect Sunday before graduate school started. I will post more about that tomorrow!! Here is to many more Artsplosure events husband!!