Farmers Market Strawberry Feast

The husband and I went to the Farmers Market this weekend to find booths and booths full to beautifully delicious strawberries. I threw caution to the wind and bought the biggest basket I could find, not quite sure how I was going to eat them all before they expired.

For breakfast this week I have been eating vanilla yogurt and fresh strawberries. Not terribly creative but oh so yummy! Many of you know I have Celiac disease, which is the gluten intolerance. There are several gluten free cooking blogs that I am a regular reader of. Mike over at the Gluten Free Blog posted about this pancake that is actually good for you. It took husband and I a few days to gather all of the ingredients and this week we made strawberry and chocolate chip pancakes. YUM! I pureed the strawberries to mix in the pancake batter and then sliced several on top. This recipe is not just “empty carbs”, but rather a mix of ingredients with a reasonable glycemic index coupled with a nice balance of protein, vitamins, minerals, and overall nutritional value. Head over to Mike’s blog for a wonderful detailed recipe with all the nutritional contents. Chocolate, strawberries, cinnamon … you can’t go wrong with that!

Then I called up my good friend from undergrad Melody to ask for a recipe she brought to a pot luck. The recipe included cream cheese, whipped cream, and a fruit topping of choice. Hmmm I choose strawberries!! I, of course, used the light version of the cheese and whipped topping. (I am minus 15 pounds!!) For dessert last night the husband and I enjoyed this.

So very yummy! Well, it is now Thursday and there are only a few servings leftover for tonight. I was successful in this challenge (haha husband!) and am already looking forward to going back to the Market this weekend to see what is going to be in store for us next week.

Update: Wilma is the winning name for the female neighboring woodpecker. Thanks for the suggestions Katie and Melody! I will have to convince the husband to bring out his “good” camera and get some shots this weekend of our new neighbors, Wilson and Wilma.