Welcome to Graduate School

Classes started this week. I am pretty sure every moment I feel overwhelmed (which happens frequently) I keep saying to myself, “Welcome to Graduate School.” Somehow it makes me feel a bit better. This isn’t undergraduate. It is suppose to be different, harder. By welcoming myself it gives me that boost of confidence that I am doing something that many don’t. Next May I will have three letters behind my name for the rest of my life. I guess the work is suddenly do-able.

I know without a doubt that I am in the most perfect situation for me. What I am learning, the professors opening their doors for counsel, and the level of course work is (so far) everything that I wanted. Well, to be honest I had wished that the professors were exaggerating when they said I wouldn’t have a life for the next year. Apparently, they were telling the truth.

In the morning I have Psychopathology for 3 hours. It is a lot to take in. After class today a fellow student stated she felt “saturated with information” and I couldn’t have stated it better. This may be the most important course I have taken yet and it is condensed into 5 weeks. I have an hour break and then off to another 3 hour course titled Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities: Advanced Standing Bridge to Clinical-Community Practice. Yes, I copied that from the syllabus because it is a mouthful. The follow picture is from this class.

I have created a music play list to get me going every morning. The song Hell Yeah by Neil Diamond has become extremely important to where I am in this place in my life. I am tired and overwhelmed and excited and emotionally drained but Hell Yeah this is all worth it. Hell Yeah.