father’s day at the ballpark

We spent yesterday at the Durham Bulls game celebrating Father’s Day with my dad. The thermometer in the outfield got up to 108 degrees. We were luckily in the shade but it was so very hot!!

Can you see the smoke coming out of the nose? We won!! It was an awesome game … the winning run scored in the bottom of the ninth!!

During the game we were lucky to have had the biggest cup of shaved ice we could find to cool us off. So we participated in a bit of a competition. Which flavor did we have? Your choices are pina colada, banana, kiwi, and watermelon. Here is your only hint … (answers will be given in the next post!)

Good ole’ dad.

Me sportin‘ my MUCH cooler do.

My stepmom, I laugh every time I see this picture!

And my “about to get married” brother!!

Happy Father’s Day!!
(I wouldn’t have sat out in that heat for just anyone!!)