sam and his swimming pool

This weekend it was hot. Not as hot as the last (108!) but it was still hot. I had (and still have) a tremendous amount of school work to do so there was little time to entertain Sam. Last summer the husband and I bought a kid pool thinking that would be fun for Sam, and us too! We never got around to filling it up. But this was the year, well the weekend at least.

The husband and I put on our bathing suits and splashed around a bit before we let Sam out to get in and dirty it up. Sitting outside in the sun, splashing the husband and he splashing me was the most unintentional, silly fun that we have had in a long time. I am sure our neighbors think we are crazy but it was a blast!!

We didn’t last very long in the pool once Sam joined us. You can tell the water quickly changed shades and we were happy with our memories of the clear water.

I love my weekends with my boys. Summer is definitely not my favorite month, especially here in the south. But with cold water, a dirty dog and a ton of laughter this summer weekend wasn’t too bad at all.

Not I must get back to writing a book review …

Update: Sam decided he didn’t like the placement of the pool and once left alone he attempted to drag the pool by the bottom with his teeth. Needless to say the pool did not stay in tact and that is the end of Sam and his pool.