shut up and eat

Hi, I’m Kelsi. I have food allergies.

Yes, allergic. It is not a diet it is allergies. I am so extremely tired of explaining the difference. Or apologizing for having a food allergy. It is a pain for everyone, don’t act like you are being “put out” for having to deal with it.

I’m allergic to more than half of the “foods” available in the American (and by that I mean United States-ian, but that does flow well) food market.

I am allergic to wheat and I have Celiac Disease. Yes, there is a difference that I am still trying to understand. I am so very allergic to wheat, I cannot use anything in my home or on my body that contains wheat. That means I have a hella hard time finding good shampoo and conditioner because most contain wheat protein, I do not lie, wheat is in everything.

My husband has no food allergies. He’s a lucky bastard, but does have to live with me and my allergies so I guess it kinda levels the playing field.

So… why shut up & eat?

Because I’m tired of hearing about people moan and groan about food allergies, especially MY food allergies. Yes, allergies suck. Yes, it is very difficult to completely eliminate wheat and other “staples” out of the American diet. But it’s not impossible. Get over it and move on. Seriously. It’s life. This is not the end of it.

And once you get over your ego and experiment, a whole new world will open up to you. You just have to try.

I do apologize for ranting, but enough is enough.