the bachelorette and sam

Technically the dog, Sam, is not allowed on our bed. Hmph!! Is what Sam and I say to that rule. This week I have been home and decided to not allow silly rules dictate how I am enjoying my three days before school starts up again.

Monday night, usually the night I am driving to school, was spent relaxing with my dog watching the Bachelorette. I know what you are thinking, reality television and all, but I am so very addicted. And I don’t care how many people think you can’t find love during the few weeks while taping the show, but I believe. It is so romantic and lovely.

I feel that Sam may have a crush too. Anytime DeAnna would speak, he would lift his head up and watch the television. When it was one of the four guys, no reaction. Here he is perking up to see DeAnna.

So there we were, me and my dog on the bed, might I note not hurting anyone!! When husband decided to come and see me. After getting after me, I mean Sam, for being on the bed he took these shots. I vowed not to let the dog back on the bed and promptly cleaned all the linens the next day.

Here is to my rebellious night with my dog!!