the hot days of summer

I guess I should apologize for so many pictures of Sam, but lets all be honest, he is cuter than pictures of myself, so here you go. The husband and myself spent all Saturday at the pool, we both are resembling Rudolph this morning, but we had an amazing time!! I think I was a fish in a previous life. I can spend every minute of everyday in a pool.

Sunday was Sam’s day of water fun. We bought a $1 sprinkler at Target. It didn’t last one minute. Here Sam is staring at it, probably thinking something like “Dad why did you let her waste a dollar on this?!?”

So husband found our “real” sprinkler. Voila, a muddy and completely happy dog.

Here is Sam when we were packing up. He wasn’t quite ready.

Yes, it was hot, but it was also a fun afternoon with my boys.