emergency room visit

I will start by saying that I am fine. I wanted to share my ordeal this weekend and to keep you all posted as to how I am feeling.

Graduate school is tough and hard and by Friday I thought it would be so nice to take a bubble bath. So while the husband was away playing golf I decided to enjoy some “me” time. Unfortunately I slipped on the tub and hit my head. Now I am starting to realize, 3 days later, that I must have been knocked out, but I just don’t know. I felt a tremendous pain, throbbing head, blurred vision and extremely dizzy. I was still in the tub and realized that I need to get out but didn’t know how. This of course was extremely scary.

I did get out and seemed to be okay for the rest of the evening. I just had a stiff neck and a headache.

Saturday came and I felt horrible. My right eye still very blurry, throbbing head pain on top of a major headache, and some personality changes. One example of my craziness was when I picked out clothes to wear to the hospital I picked out corduroy pants and a wool sweater. Hmmm it is the middle of July in the south, I clearly was not “all there.” Yep, we were on our way to the emergency room.

The husband and I have never actually had to go to the emergency room so we were a bit nervous on top of I thought for sure I was going to have to have brain surgery. In my head I was trying to figure out if I had all the important numbers of family to call in my new phone. Yes, I am strange but it was how I was rationalizing the experience.

Basically I had a CT Scan and a neurological test and I don’t have any bleeding or anything major like that. So a huge relief! Doctor said I have a concussion or a closed head injury and should heal itself in a couple of weeks. I have to take it easy and the way I am feeling that is not very hard.

On an important note, the doctor did say I have a big brain which I naturally equate with intelligence. I am having a good time making light of the situation and reminding the husband not to contradict me because one I have a big brain and two I have a brain injury. I don’t know how long he is going to put up with me but I sure am glad he is the one with me through all this good and bad stuff.