finally a guest room

Many of you regular readers have seen my posts of my newly organized craft room. If not click here. We are lucky to have the husband’s brother coming over and staying a week while we are on vacation. The timing seemed right to try and figure out how to put the bed I was bringing back from Greenville (grad school apartment) and make a guest room addition to my craft room.

Oh, for a side note, I moved back home from Greenville last week because I only have ONE. MORE. WEEK. of summer classes. Anyway, yesterday the husband moved all the essential heavy items and I supervised. I am so excited to have made this transition and I think it looks so lovely.

Milo was a fan of the room change as well. I don’t think he has left the room since I put all the bedding on. Last night we had fun playing with him.

Milo hiding under the bed.

New curtains. Greenville apartment bedding, chair, and end table.

Thrift store artwork on the walls, not shown, that reminds me of Guatemala.

This will also be the perfect place to take power naps when working on my last 10 months of graduate school! Also, those late, late nights when I am waking the husband up at 4 am crawling into bed won’t happen. I can just crash here for the night.

My desk/craft station.

My loves.

Yes, I think this is my new happy place.