frozen grape pops

I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted last!! This week has been absolutely, ridiculously crazy busy. School this week was rough. I am not a fan of statistic and research methods but I will be living and breathing it this next few weeks. There was some drama at my house that I am subletting that I won’t go into details about. I lived through it and am moving on.

The fourth of July was spent with family and friends which is the best way to spend the day. The husband and I slept late Saturday and spent all day cleaning inside and out of our house. We decided last minute to call some friends over for games … I had to put our clean house to good use. I learned how to play spades and I absolutely LOVE it!! I am so glad David, Julie, Matt, and Kristal didn’t have plans (or dropped them when I called) because it was so much fun spending the evening with them!!

So I wanted to share my new favorite thing … frozen grape pops!! The summer is crazy hot and I found myself eating way to much ice cream. The internet has fantastic ideas and this is one of them. We headed to BJ’s club to get a ton of grapes and found some lollipop sticks and voila … frozen grape pops.

Hint: Let them freeze overnight. I tried them a couple hours in the freezer and they were just okay. The next day however they were delicious!!