i should be working

This weekend I should be locked up in my office working to catch up from missing an entire week of school!! I do have good news on the school front … 97.5 on my research exam!! If you remember from my earlier posts I was quite stressed about it. I have a research paper due on Tuesday that is not quite even close to being done, especially considering I have only finished the abstract!! But with all these babies everywhere I can’t help but celebrate!! On July 17th the world welcomed Ian Jonas McVey. His mother, Elaine works with the husband and we have become friends, along with her husband, Doug, over the years.

To check out the Life of Ian click here. He is so adorable!!

They did not have any ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy, only at the end after Elaine missed her due date by two weeks!! So we obviously didn’t know the sex so for her shower we gave her this baby blanket. Perfectly gender neutral.

I hope Ian loves his blanket!!

It is an interesting idea, not knowing the sex beforehand. I don’t know what the husband and I will choose to do. I think I am a bit too OCD to not know but I do love the creativity of not having everything either “pink” or “blue.” Any thoughts?