laura’s baby shower

I would first like to say a huge THANK YOU to my husband for driving me around today. Can’t drive yet with my brain injury and all but I didn’t want to miss out on my good friend Laura’s baby shower!! So thank you husband!

The shower was so lovely and I had a fantastic time. It was great seeing Jessica from NCSU!! There were only six in our graduating class so we were obviously very close and with all of us going in our separate directions, it was great to see both Jessica and Laura!!

Laura had quite the spread of gifts for Miss Grace Elizabeth. She is due August 20th and there are so many people that can’t wait to meet her.

Laura’s family cat was putting on quite the show with his ribbon.

I absolutely LOVE Laura’s dear friends. I met them during her bridal shower and wedding festivities. I really do hope we can stay in touch and actually hang out outside of a “shower” event. Here I am with Erin. I was totally stoked talking to her about some creative ideas in terms of designing fabrics. I am obsessed with fabrics and the idea of learning how to design and make my own just tickles me pink! I think we could be a dangerously creative pair!!

Decorating the mantle were gowns that Laura wore as a baby that will be passed down to Grace Elizabeth. Here is the pink dress she wore home from the hospital and I think I overheard this is what Laura wants Grace Elizabeth to wear. So adorable.

My driver and I are back home and relaxing for the night. We are planning a “hypothetical” vacation to Maine in August to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We are debating driving up the east coast, stopping in New York, etc. or just flying up to Maine. Also deciding if I can handle leaving Sam behind is going to be an obstacle. Anyone up for dog watching??