onesie applique and a free quilt giveaway

I am not at school today and have been told to rest. Well what better thing to do if I am required to stay in bed … catch up on blogs that I LOVE. One of my daily reads is giving away the most beautifully delicious quilt. I don’t know how Dana over at Old Red Barn Co. can bear to give it away but for all us other blog readers … we say a HUGE THANK YOU!

I added this graphic at the bottom of my page and you can click on it to enter in the drawing or you can click here. She also has amazing pictures and great music so it is definitely a blog to add to your daily reads. It is a little vacation from all the depressing news and splitting headaches that I am experiencing today.

On Sunday when I did not feel like doing anything (see previous post about the emergency room visit) I wanted to go into my craft room. I have missed this wonderful room that I haven’t been able to spend very much time in since grad school started. A good friend of mine, Laura, is getting ready to have her first child in August. Her baby shower for little Grace Elizabeth is this weekend and I wanted to make something fun for her.

(Laura if you want to be surprised Saturday stop reading this post!!)

I couldn’t believe how easy these little onesies were!! I still have to sew them but I wanted to share what I have been up to with my brain injury and all. :)

This is definitely a project I can become obsessed with. Now I just need some more babies to make these for … what do you say husband?!?! :)

Happy Tuesday from my bed!!