where to go? what to do?

Okay, the husband and I seriously need help. This August will be our second wedding anniversary and I have three weeks off. We have looked at our calendars and compared plans already in the books (i.e. next summer is already so busy with my FINAL graduation and my brother getting married) with our personal plans (cross your fingers!) and well it doesn’t look like we will have another opportunity to have a real vacation for some time. Hopefully, years!!

We have been researching all the possible places to visit and trying to figure out what we want out of this vacation vs. what we can afford. And apparently the Carribean is out because the husband never got around to getting an updated passport!!

So we need help. Suggestions please!!

Here is what we have so far:
A road trip up the east coast with final destination Bar Harbor, Maine. We would be stopping for a couple of nights in New York City on the way and then stopping in Pittsfield, Massachusetts for a night (to visit friends) on the way home. Pros: Camping in Maine sounds glorious! (There are no snakes!!) I LOVE the northeast. Road trips rock. Cons: Not bringing Sam so we would need dog sitters. New York City hotels are so freakin’ expensive. The task of finding a hotel in NYC is so daunting. A lot of our vacation will be spent in the car.

Flying to Las Vegas. Apparently Vegas vacations are extremely affordable considering the distance and the number of stars on the hotel options. There are a lot of deals because Vegas is needing the boost. Pros: Going somewhere we have never been. Everyone seems to be smiling in the pictures, oh wait that is everywhere. Opportunity to see the Grand Canyon. Cons: Have I ever really wanted to go to Vegas?! We aren’t really the “get wow’d by a bunch of lights” kinda people. Don’t know what all to do. Obviously, no dog.

NC Mountains. Familiar surroundings. We do love the mountains. Pros: Visit family. We have complimentary tickets to the Biltmore. One of my favorite restaurants is in Asheville. Cons: It is hard for me to go to places I used to love (i.e. the Ham Shoppe and Peppers) and I no longer can eat there. Kinda depressing. I am craving to go somewhere new.

Aspen, Colorado. Apparently ski resorts in the summer are quite a deal!! That could be pretty exciting!!

Options not yet explored: a dude ranch?!?

We just don’t know. We need help and are running out of planning time. I am trying to focus on getting caught up in school and all I can think about is where are we going to go?!?!