amazon kindle

My husband surprised me. He has almost never been able to do surprise me. I repeat, my husband surprised me completely. Our wedding anniversary is Tuesday, August the 5th. 2 years spent with my best friend, who apparently, is quite good and capable surprising me.

We decided no gifts. We are going on a week long vacation and well funds were limited before this splurge. (Grad school is actually quite expensive. On a side note, I think school tuition should be based on the average salary of the profession you chose. For example, I am a social worker. Based on the salary even with my Master degree, tuition should be free. I digress.) No gifts. With the last week of school, I haven’t given any thought to our anniversary and the pressure was off because we already agreed no gifts.

Husband went out and surprised me with a gift. If I didn’t love it so very much, I would be furious. The husband bought me the Amazon Kindle. If you don’t know what this is, you should. It is so amazing, you should read about it because I can’t tell you all the amazing wonders this little bit of heaven provides.

My favorite things are:

  • It looks up words I don’t know and not only defines them, but uses them in sentences.
  • It is quite adorable looking and light weight.
  • It’s name is Kelsi’s Kindle. I don’t know any other Kelsi’s so there is little confusion.
  • The screen technology for reading is out of this world awesome. I don’t know how, but it is completely amazing.
  • I can order a book, a lot are free and the most expensive ones I have found are 9.99, and the book is downloaded onto “Kelsi’s Kindle” within 2 – 4 mins.
  • I can say I have a role in saving the planet. Mother Earth and I go way back.

I love my surprise. I love my husband. I love even more that my husband took the time to find a gift that I would love so very much and surprise me with. I also love that he couldn’t wait until Tuesday to give it to me. Man I am so very lucky.

Update: The husband wanted to point out that there is a referral program with the Kindle. If you are interested in buying the Kindle and want to put $35 in my pocket please click here to learn how to purchase a Kindle for yourself with a kickback for me!!