I am finished. Done. Summer school and I are no longer together and I couldn’t be happier. I have moved all my belongings back home to Raleigh, including myself, and it is here where I plan to stay.

Final grades are posted. 4 courses and 4 A’s. A 4.0 sounds good to me. I feel I earned it and more important than the grade itself, I feel I have actually learned a great deal. That is a really nice feeling. I want to thank everyone that has kept me in their thoughts these past 10 weeks. Through the traveling, the long nights of reading about mental health (while questioning mine), my brain injury, and drama with house mates, I have survived graduate summer school. Seriously, thank you all, especially the husband. It was so hard leaving every week, but knowing you would be home Thursday night to welcome me back with you great big arms made being away easier. It was because you kept my boys safe and happy that I was able to concentrate on school and only school. I do love you so very much and am so grateful for the all you have done to help me.

Hooray, I am on break!!