happy anniversary

Today the husband and I are celebrating 2 years of marriage. It is funny, as we were reflecting last night, we are truly happier today than we were 2 years ago. This is our 8th year together, walking side by side and supporting each other when one of us stumbles. (This is usually me because I am a goof and walking can sometimes be a challenge.)

I have been looking at all things wedding this morning. I loved the songs we pick to represent our love for each other and was able to find them on the internets. Below is a sampling. “Grow Old with Me” was our first dance.

Here are my favorite pictures from our wedding, 2 years ago.

The girls.

The boys.

The programs that I absolutely LOVED.

The church.


Kissing him never gets old. This is Love.

The cake.

We are best friends and committed partners in everything we do. My life is a better and happier place because of my husband. I love the life we have created together with Milo and Sam. I already love the life we will create in the future. I love you husband. Happy two year anniversary.