home. sweet. home.

We are back from our vacation!! I created a photo album if you are interested in viewing the pictures … there aren’t that many actually. We both were sick, Dylan first and then me. We both are still not 100% actually.

We did have a wonderful time. We were able to spend every minute together catching up from spending so much of this summer apart. This made the vacation worth it.

We spent one full day at Dollywood and one full day at Splash Mountain, a water park. Both were tons of fun!! I stayed off the roller coasters because I am still healing from my brain injury. We were afraid the coasters would jerk my head and I would hit is again. Dylan rode everything and I was able to get some pictures. I still had fun watching him!! We did go on a water ride at Dollywood together and there are some pictures of that one. It was fun!!

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Splash Mountain proved to be so much fun too!! We laughed more that day than any other. It started off rough because I went down the ride “Fire Tower.” Rising 70 feet into the air, this free-fall slide was more than I bargained for. I was fine but started the day off with a MAJOR headache due to pressure from the rapid drop. I am so proud of myself for doing it though … look how freakin’ high it was!!

We are so glad to be home with our boys. Our house had been cleaned, our dog and cat were happy and healthy, and we can’t say thank you enough to Dylan’s brother and mother for watching Sam and Milo.

School starts Wednesday. It is hard to believe my break is over. Now if I can just clear my throat and feel better!!