7 am vent

I tried to be open-minded. I tried to listen to what Sarah Palin had to say. I tried to forget all the rumors of “trooper-gate” and various others. Maybe I should not have listened to Rudy first. He got me going when he stated … “community organizing … whatever that is.” After that Palin wasn’t really speaking to an open-mind, more like an irate one. But, I still listened. For the entire speech.

She did well. Public speaking and all. The content focused more on John McCain and Barack Obama than herself. I wanted to get to know her. She mentioned she would be an advocate for parents of special needs children. I was excited, but see no record of her doing so in Alaska. I can have hope. Although she did say hope was not concrete and didn’t stand for anything relevant. So maybe I won’t.

I appreciate that she is a hockey mom. But there are all types of “moms” out there in this amazing country that would be the first to say, “I don’t know the first thing about foreign policy.” I myself am not a mother, but I doubt they are giving a world news update while the zamboni is cleaning the ice. (Do zamboni’s clean youth hockey ice?)

I digress. I know it is early. I am trying to keep this blog light and crafty and fun. But I had an extremely tough day yesterday with my client. I couldn’t sleep. She definitely couldn’t sleep. And I can’t talk about that here. Confidentiality and all. So I decided to vent about this. I have several friends that this is probably offending, and I am sorry. I have the most respect for each of you and I am impressed and amazed that we can have the maturity to not attack one another because of our very different political views.

Back to my rant before I have to get dressed for my day. Community organizing was again brought up by Palin. She said it had no value. So for the blog readers I would like to take the term “community organizer” and put a face to it to demonstrate its value. I am a community organizer (well, was at a previous internship). Social workers are community organizers. Public servants are community organizers. Any of the many “helping professionals” are community organizers. WE are the people that work with the citizens of this country that people with more houses than they can count want to ignore. WE are the people that move the homeless away from downtown when the city wants to have an outdoor festival. Community organizing is when I worked with the legislature to pass a no corporal punishment in schools law. WE have a value. It is a broad term that encompasses so much more than I even know. Maybe that is the problem for the republicans. It encompasses much of this country they want to pretend isn’t there. It is there. And the community organizers have a tremendous value.

That is all for this morning.