and at work

So I realized I haven’t really mentioned my internship lately. I do absolutely love it. It is so much more that I thought it was going to be and I already have seen 18 clients. 11 are regulars and that is a bit intense for only being at Peace 3 days a week. I guess I haven’t mentioned it is there isn’t a whole I CAN say. Man the stories I could tell but you will have to trust that I am being challenged and entertained on a daily basis.

The Wellness Center staff, a nurse, a service coordinator, director of counseling, a counselor, and disability services director make up such an amazing work team and environment. I laugh every single day which is such a tremendous blessing. Everyone is so very supportive and understanding. When I need to take a walk around campus and grab a coffee (decaf of course *wink, wink*) there is always someone to walk and talk with me.

In addition to my individual work with clients I am working on programs and groups. I love being able to have an idea and have the support to run with it. I am able to utilize my creative, crafty streak and being able to do so really does refresh me.

So I guess that is a good synopsis … it is hard and I am exhausted (I am working about 8-10 hours more each week) but I love it.