christmas presents are almost finished

I am blogging from Greenville this morning!! There was hardly any traffic on the road this morning and my carpool got here in no time. So here I sit in an empty classroom blogging.

The husband and I had a great weekend!! Friday we both played hooky from work and went the State Fair!! It is a yearly tradition for us and I can’t wait to share some of the pictures. Of course, they are at home on the mac computer, not my laptop. Saturday I bought new jeans in a smaller size and the husband and I voted. These are all good times people. Sunday I was in Greensboro for a bridal shower and a birthday. Whew … oh wait, then I came home Sunday to write a paper and pack for Greenville. Luckily, I did get all the laundry done before I left Sunday morning so I just had to throw it all in a bag.

Back to Christmas presents. Can you guess which newly born baby this knit hat is for? I will give you hints … she is the most adorable little baby with the sweetest smile and I was one of the first to see her on that early morning she was born. I absolutely adore her mother and read their blog for updates almost daily. Any guesses?!?

I hope you all are off to a great start to the week!!