my fear … realized

I couldn’t sleep last night and this may come out in the form of a ramble, so I do apologize. I am signing off from all political discussion on my blog. Ideally, this would be a great format for me to discuss the issues that are important to me and to facilitate healthy discussion among friends, family, and strangers. It has not. I will take responsibility but not all. I went from discussing what was important to me, what values Obama and I share and the ones we don’t. Somehow in the wake of the campaign my focus shifted to attacking McCain and especially Palin. I recently have been reading other blogs and become so upset, to tears last night actually, and I realized that I wanted no part in making another person feel the way I did. I was reading the attacks and thought to myself if we actually sat down to discuss the issues, we are so much closer in values than what the surface tells us. We have all lost our rational logic, myself included. So no more.

I remember 4 years ago watching the Democratic debate, as a registered Republican, and hearing the name Barack Obama for the first time and listening to his speech. It was centered around the idea that we all have so much more that ties us together than the ideals that separate us. I couldn’t agree more. I want to get back to that belief for the sake of relationships that I hold dear in my life.

4 years ago my experiences provided a foundation for me to line myself with the Republican party. Since then my experiences have shifted my values. That is my story. You have your own. If I value that my experiences shape my world view, then I must value that your experiences have shaped yours. You believe what you do because of your experiences and vice versa. It is now my passion to see where we can agree. I will take the obvious issue that is so very polarizing, abortion. I have been staunchly pro-life my entire life up until now, where I am both pro-life and pro-choice. Do not think this shift was a quick or easy process! Do not question my intelligence and think that I flippantly have altered my world view! And do not ever think or say I am pro-abortion! My experiences this past few months has changed me. Meeting with a woman who recently was raped and aborted the baby from that rape changed me. Meeting with a woman who knew she was not able to raise a child due to her past trauma and her life situation changed me. These are my experiences. You have your own. We can agree that there needs to be preventative measures to avoid unwanted pregnancy and violence on women.

See I knew I would start to ramble, but I am just so upset. One friend has stopped reading this blog altogether and another, well, I don’t want my words to impact them the way other words have impacted me. So as my last political discussion I will end in saying, I fully support a Barack Obama and Joe Biden administration, even though I don’t agree with everything they do. I am completely fearful of a Sarah Palin administration, John McCain, I could live with. My core value is that our country must base its greatness on the life lead by its weakest link. That is it. That is why I am voting and supporting Obama.