no fun

Seriously. When I was a kid being sick was fun, aside from running and hiding in the closet when it was time to take cough syrup (I still refuse to take it!). I am sure it wasn’t always fun, but right now I am remembering staying home from school and watching Price is Right thinking to myself, “now this is living.”

I am sick and I am staying home, but nothing about this is fun. I had no voice Monday and Tuesday, which resulted in miserable classes. I now have a groggy, congested sounding voice and the rest of me is just …. blah! I am catching up on rest, which is a tremendous blessing. The husband stayed home from work to take care of me. I know ladies and gentlemen, he is quite the man.

After I woke up from my three hour nap this afternoon, curled up beside me was our dog Sam. Within a few minutes of probably hearing me blowing my nose the husband came in to ask if I needed anything. It was in this moment that I realized I am so very happy. I married my best friend, someone that I can share any and everything with without fear. We have a house that is slowly becoming our home. We have adorable and wonderful animals that entertain us and provide us so much love everyday. It was then that I appreciated this man and our boys … well then Sam farted and the husband and I quickly moved into the other room.