what i been have up to

It has been so long since my last post!! I have been so very busy and just haven’t found the time to sit down and load pictures. Over the past few weeks the husband and I have done some really fun things and this post is going to be full of events that have happened since I have last posted.

One weekend we went to the farm!! The husband and I jumped at the invitation (well I may have invited ourselves actually) nonetheless we always have such an amazingly relaxing time there. Something in the air maybe but all the stresses of the world disappear somewhere on the highway and by the time you get there you can just be. Oh, and Sam has the most amazing time as well. This time he got a haircut (approved by momma!!) and he was quite happy and cooler.

Nothing better than three worn out dogs before the trip home.

The loves of my life. Quite simply, I adore them.

Another weekend when I was visiting family in Greensboro, the husband took Sam out for a hike at the Lake. I do love that Autumn is here and I was so happy that the husband took many a picture of Sam’s swim.

I love this one in black and white with the NO SWIMMING sign.

He looks so tiny!!

My wet dog. Still, love.