grocery game – harris teeter triple coupon edition

For those of you already sick of reading about my grocery game conquests, well stop reading. This weekend Harris Teeter is having triple coupons and even though the husband and I haven’t even started to collect coupons (we only have last Sunday’s paper) we thought we would pull the list and see what we could save. My expectations weren’t all that high but man I was so pleased.

The following picture is everything we bought today. It took two Harris Teeter visits, because we had a great cereal coupon and the first store was out of stock. Luckily there was another store within 2 mins. So what are your guesses? How much do you think this cost?

Total Price: $83.68

And drumroll please ….

Total Price PAID: $42.37!!
That is a savings of … $41.31!!

My best deal was the Crest toothpaste original price $3.29 and I paid $.25!! Savings of 92%!! Oh and the Fleischmann’s Yeast was originally $1.99 and it was FREE!! Any suggestions for what I should do with the yeast?

AND the best news … tomorrow is Sunday so another coupon paper AND a new list with the triple coupons. This weekend is crazy fun!! I also talked with a person at Harris Teeter because they were out of stock (at both stores) for Argo Corn Starch. Now I don’t exactly know what to do with corn starch but I have two coupons and a 16oz. of Corn Starch regularly $1.49 will be $.14!! Can anyone tell me what to do with corn starch?

Update: My husband would like to point out that if you are interested in joining us playing the grocery game we would appreciate the referral. Here is the link …