31 reasons i love you

31 reasons i love you on your 31st birthday:

1. you know what i will say before i say it, and anticipate all of my needs and feelings. 2. your hair. 3. your interest in cool things like cars, woodworking, winthrop, how things work, and, of course, me. 4. that you like to talk late at night in bed. 5. you are so brave. 6. you make me laugh every other minute with your unique sense of humor and quick mind. 7. you are a kind and sensitive husband. 8. you love my dog. 9. you love listening to me talk about my passions. 10. you make the best gluten free pancakes. 11. you don’t judge me, or anyone else for that matter. 12. your sharp wit. 13. you are dedicated to your job and wonderful provider for me and our family. 14. you feel it’s important for me to be home with our future children. 15. you change the oil in my car without even mentioning you are going to. 16. you have funny nicknames for me i pretend not to like, but you know i really do. 17. you have a strong conviction for the happiness of others, you genuinely care about people. 18. my family loves you, and they don’t really like anyone. 19. to my little cousins, “dylan” and “silliness” are synonomous. 20. you are respected at any job you have. 21. i feel safe and protected. you can be very scary. i know you would never let anyone harm us. 22. you have a great high kick. 23. you make me laugh everyday. 24. you get me and are not intimidated nor impressed by my intelligence. 25. i love your singing voice. 26. did i mention you are very, very handsome? 27. you treat yours and my family well. 28. the force is strong with you. 29. you still believe when i say i want to take a nap you won’t be tickled for the next 30mins. and you really want to take a nap. 30. you are always there when anyone needs you. 31. you love me.