a very happy birthday

Yesterday was the husband’s birthday. We tried to make it a good day but, well, fail. It seemed every “surprise” I had planned had a negative surprise attached to it. For example, we tried to go see the new Bond movie at our favorite cheap movie theater. I went online yesterday to see the times it was playing. 1:30. So we arrive at 1 and they proceed to tell us that they lost the rights to the movie yesterday and are no longer playing it. Really?! We drove out to another, more crowded and more expensive = a not so happy birthday boy and did actually see the movie.

Not enough of an example you say … you want one more? So I have been trying to sell the armoire that has been in our dining room on craigslist. I have had tremendous responses but for the past week no luck in actually getting rid of it. Last night was the night. A lovely couple showed up with a truck and the money. She was so excited, she had been looking for it for a while. I was so excited to get another piece of furniture out of the house. Her husband and mine lift and proceed down our front stairs. One step. One second. One armoire smashed into nothing more than a couple of boards layed flat on the ground. We promptly gave them there money back. Well I guess technically I did get it out of my house.

So that was our day. Poor birthday boy. We could tell the night was going to be a wash so we made the decision to cut our losses and go to our favorite Mexican restaurant down the street. Because the husband was having the kind of day he was I decided what he needed was a sombrero and a little singing with clapping. We ended the day laughing because the sombrero didn’t fit his head, threats of him getting me back on my birthday, and, of course, the armoire laying in the lawn.

Happy Birthday my dear husband, man oh man I am glad it only comes once a year. I am working on a little “surprise” for the blog for you so stay tuned.