first christmas gifts

I left my internship before Thanksgiving and wanted to give my favorite ladies at Peace a little Christmas gift to say thank you for all the support and guidance they have given to me this past semester. I looked around my house to see what quick craft I could pull together and this is what I came up with.

I got the idea from Martha Stewart, where I receive much of my inspiration, and I already had the supplies from a previous Christmas when the husband and I made plates for our families. The plates were a process in which I bought mugs and paints for ceramics which we never used. Go figure … but hey these turned out just great!! I was so happy with them and it was great to get back into the craft room again!!

Here are some pictures of the plates we made a few years back …

Not many handmade gifts this year … graduate school has sucked all creativity and fun out of my life. :( BUT I do have some super gifts that I am just about to start wrapping.

Oh I have the pine tree candle lit and I am in the mood for Christmas …