gibsonville parade and a very happy birthday

This afternoon the husband and I took a quick trip to Gibsonville to celebrate one of my favorite little ones birthday. Sweet Aubrey is just such a joy to be around and her little brother James is quite the adorable handful. Now it must not only be me that is smitten with little Aubrey because the entire town of Gibsonville came to give her a parade. I guess that is one of the few perks of having a birthday so close to Christmas.

Here is Aubrey with her mom and other little friends getting geared up for the start of the parade.

Brother James is getting so big so quick!! He sure did love the firetrucks!!

There was a “Nanner Pudding” car. I don’t know if you can tell but that is what the front license plate says.

There were tractors galor!

We had a great time!! I hope you are staying warm this weekend!!