a home story

So much has happened in the last 72 hours I thought the best way to share would be to give a timeline of the events that have rocked our world.
Friday, 2/6/09, 12pm – We list our home on the market. We were completely thrilled to officially have a sign in our front yard. We were hopeful yet realistic that this could be a very long process.
Friday, 2/6/09, 3pm – The owners of the home in Pittsboro that we LOVE (I posted a picture of it a couple weeks back) signed a contingency contract with us … meaning they understand we have to sell our house in order to buy theirs. Our closing date was set for March 31st meaning we had about two months to sell our house or the contract with the Pittsboro home would be null and void.
Sunday, 2/8/09 – Our first showing!
Friday, 2/13/09 – Another showing!
Saturday, 2/14/09 – 2 showings!
Sunday, 2/15/09, 12:30pm – A phone call from our Realtor Susan stating that one of the people that saw the house on Saturday is meeting with their agent to put together an offer for us and she would like to come out for a second showing. Ahhh we were completely over the moon! 9 days on the market and an offer.
Sunday, 2/15/09, 1:00pm – We are walking out the door and Susan calls us back. She states that the owners of the Pittsboro home have accepted another offer (a significantly higher offer than what is on our contract) and we have 72 hours to respond. So not actually having a contract for our home in hand we were devastated and shocked. We head to my office at Peace and start looking for another home.
Sunday, 2/15/09, 2:00pm – Susan calls and says she has received the offer from our buyer and sends it over to us. We are excited and nervous but happy with the terms of the offer.
Monday, 2/16/09, 3:00pm – We sign the contract with the buyer of our home. We agree to remove the contingency from the contract with the Pittsboro home meaning they are legally bound to our contract.

Seriously we are so very grateful and lucky things happened the way they did. There are still many things (our inspection of the Pittsboro home is next week) that can go wrong but at this point we are so thankful to have made it to this point. So March 31st is our closing date for both homes and we will (cross your fingers and toes) be moving into our new home then.