it sure has been a while

Wow I can’t believe it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I guess that sums up my life these past 2 weeks though. We have been making a final push to put our house on the market and I can officially say that there is indeed a sign in our front yard!! Below are a ton of pictures showing all the work we have done on the house.

I have a TON of schoolwork to do this afternoon and I am a bit tired from grocery gaming this morning (triple coupons at Harris Teeter!!) so this post will be mostly pictures. I will fill you guys in later about all the ups and downs that have been going on.

Oh and if you know anyone that is in the market for a home email me and I will send you more information!!

I would just like to toot my own horn and let you all know that I stained/painted the deck all by myself!! The husband did do all the prep work and clean up (I am a bit messy) but yes indeedy I did the rest.

Front guest bedroom.

Guest bathroom.

3rd bedroom/office.

Master bedroom.

Can you see our new toy? We splurged one weekend when we weren’t thinking straight due to exhaustion and broke down. P.S. I do love all 42 inches of it!!

Master bathroom.

Completely revamped dining room.

Living room.

Breakfast nook.

New fireplace corner.

Can you tell we have been busy??