don’t let me fall

My new favorite person to listen to is Lenka. She is fabulous!!

Don’t let me fall is one of my absolute favs and I can’t stop listening to it. Today it has new meaning …

We are cat sitting for Dylan’s brother Matthew and his girlfriend Kristal’s cat, Marnie. We love Marnie and are enjoying watching Sam and Milo react to their new cousin. As I am blogging she is investigating the washing machine. She has the run of the place … both boys are outside. It is just us girls.

I digress … I took Matt and Kristal to the airport and visited the husband at work. We went for a walk because the weather is just so beautiful. On the way I stepped into a mud pit almost up to my knee. Our final destination was a pond so I just said I will rinse off in the pond. Husband laughed and said I bet you won’t be able to do that without falling in. We laughed and continued our trek to the pond. At the pond I was able to successfully rinse off, without falling in. Then as I was getting up to join husband on the bench … I fell in. Not all the way but both feet up to my thighs in muddy pond water. Husband quickly came to my rescue. He pulled me out and helped me up the hill to the bench.

This blog post is for him, my muddy pond companion. I am a lucky girl because I know he will never let me fall.