i am dreaming

of my new craft room/studio. Oh how I am so very excited about designing and decorating my new home. I have always felt the home we are at now was temporary, I know 7 years later, so I never put “my” stamp on it. We were always doing things for “resale.”

Not this new home. It is mine, all mine! I can’t wait to paint with COLORS and put touches of both our lives. I can’t wait to incorporate our dreams of a simpler life and our travels near and far. I want this home to be comfortable for all, not a room that is unused. So I am dreaming … and doing a lot of craigslisting.

Here is what I am looking for … because after all I am dreaming of my new studio.

Something that looks a lot like this …

I am dreaming of this day when I am not in school, I send off the husband with a breakfast from our chickens and garden, I sit with Sam and Martha Stewart (my soon to be new pup – for my graduation gift of course!) and we sew and knit and quilt for a little one or two until our hearts content. Oh I do dream of this day!