life in boxes

Seriously, my entire life, well all the material things are somewhat securely packed away into boxes. We are exhausted and really the fun is just starting. Here is our schedule and please, anyone that has a few hours and sweat to spare we would love and appreciate the help.

Pick up moving truck in the morning.
Pack heavy things first, with the help of our strong muscle friend David.
Pack boxes and boxes and more boxes, with the help of the husband’s brother Matt.
Be out of the house from 7-9 for our buyers final walk through.
Finish packing, cleaning.

7:30am walk through in our new home!!
10am closing back in the capital city.
Approximately 12, back to our new home (assuming everything goes to plan) and start unloading!! My co-workers from Peace, Lisa and Cori, are coming along with David and Matt.
After unloading truck, drive truck to storage and load.
Drive truck to in-laws house and load more stuff.
Drive back to new home and unload into garage.

Return truck by 7am.

Ahhhh!! I hope to have internets all set up and ready … I will probably send out an email with new phone numbers, etc. I am having a graphic design student from Peace make our “We are moving …” postcards to send out so you will have to run out to your mailboxes each day for those!!

I can’t wait. I am a bit scared. I am already a bit sore. I am a bit sad. I am really happy.