a move, a wedding, a screened porch

What a blessed life I lead, so many exciting adventures. It is exhausting and thrilling. We are moved in, not settled. It still feels a bit surreal. Not quite like home, but it is getting there. We have internet and a phone (cell phones don’t work out here). The boys (Sam and Milo) are getting settled and seem to be happy. I have many pictures but can’t find the thingy (technical term) to put the card in, which goes into the computer. Hint, hint … maybe the husband can help locate tonight.

This weekend we went to Hilton Head Island to marry off my little brother and his love. It was a beautiful weekend! We were coincidentally joined by our good friend David and his girlfriend Megan. We spent the morning of the wedding having lunch with them and it was such a great time!! We even saw an alligator … seriously I have pictures.

Onto the screened porch. Oh I do love it. We had our furniture delivered on Friday and wow it was so great coming home to relax on Sunday. I don’t think many boxes have been sorted since then.

Hopefully I will have some pictures soon.